Pillars of the Early Church

The roles and interactions between Peter, James, and Paul. The Lord God Almighty utilizes imperfect and broken vessels to bring about his divine and perfect purposes. MacArthur expands, “God uses various means to bring blessing, strengthen faith, and cultivate spiritual growth in the lives of his people.” [1] The Sovereign Lord of the universe hasContinue reading “Pillars of the Early Church”

Theological Aggregation–Inaugural Week

Welcome to the first week of Theological Aggregation. May the grace and mercy of Almighty God and of Jesus Christ be with you this week. What is an aggregation? An aggregation on the internet specifically is the collection of related items of content so that they can be displayed or linked to. In other words,Continue reading “Theological Aggregation–Inaugural Week”

An Inauguration of Theological Digressions

Welcome to the inaugural post of Theological Digressions!  The project itself is multiple years of desire in the making and about a year of attempting to realize it.  If this is the first post that you have seen from Theological Digressions, we humbly and excitedly welcome you as we embark on this project and hopeContinue reading “An Inauguration of Theological Digressions”