The Abrahamic Covenant

The promise of redemption came to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:15, but it was through Abraham that the future pathway for redemption was realized.  Alexander writes, “In terms of the number of chapters given over to him, Abraham is clearly the most important of all the human characters in Genesis.”  The Abrahamic Covenant andContinue reading “The Abrahamic Covenant”

The Hidden Years

Jesus’s childhood lacks any explicit information, apart from Luke’s account, that gives biographical access to His daily living from birth to the start of His earthly ministry.  The knowledge that readers of the Bible have to go on is historical cues and context surrounding typical childhoods of the Jews during Jesus’ time.  Aptly named theContinue reading “The Hidden Years”

Where Can I Worship the Lord?

The Issue of Worship Location An exposition of John 4. Christian Worship Still Happens on Lockdown With the arrival of COVID-19 and worldwide lockdown orders, every single religion on the planet has faced restrictions and issues.  The adherents of these religions have been unable to follow through on the sacred ordinances of their “faiths.”  MuslimsContinue reading “Where Can I Worship the Lord?”

Theological Aggregation–Week of November 8th

Every week, Theological Aggregation will bring content from around the internet for your consideration. The content will include, but not be limited to, impactful blog posts, new books, intriguing videos, sermon links, podcasts, music, and news. Justin Bass writes for The Gospel Coalition (TGC): “Indeed, this would not have been the first time Luke hadContinue reading “Theological Aggregation–Week of November 8th”

Theological Aggregation–Inaugural Week

Welcome to the first week of Theological Aggregation. May the grace and mercy of Almighty God and of Jesus Christ be with you this week. What is an aggregation? An aggregation on the internet specifically is the collection of related items of content so that they can be displayed or linked to. In other words,Continue reading “Theological Aggregation–Inaugural Week”

An Inauguration of Theological Digressions

Welcome to the inaugural post of Theological Digressions!  The project itself is multiple years of desire in the making and about a year of attempting to realize it.  If this is the first post that you have seen from Theological Digressions, we humbly and excitedly welcome you as we embark on this project and hopeContinue reading “An Inauguration of Theological Digressions”