Fear of the Unknown

Isn’t it fascinating that our minds aren’t content with what we know to rationalize events but instead focus on the uncertainty and fear of the unknown? Hop onto any self-service medical symptoms checker and ask about that freckle on the heel of your foot and watch as your mind jumps to the most severe of possible diagnoses! We will question our previous habits, make rash commitments to be “better,” and enter a state of panic all because of the uncertainty and the unknown.

I’m certain that most of us would agree that “knowing” is better than not. If our issue is serious, we would prefer to know for certain so that we can prepare to tackle it head on or maybe even flee if such a reaction is necessary. I went to the doctor today to get something concerning checked out but while I feared the unknown, I knew where I could go to alleviate my fears and get answers and make the unknown known. I don’t know what that is as I write now since I’m still in the doctor’s office but I’m not spiritually or temporally scared of what might come. I trust in the sovereignty and grace of my Lord and my God and the giftedness He has given to the medical community. I have confidence in the doctor to reveal the unknown, how much more my Lord who cannot not know all aspects of life, history, wisdom, and knowledge?

The Lord God Almighty does not fear the unknown for there is nothing unknown to Him. What is there for Him to fear? Nothing can take Him by surprise, nothing threatens to usurp or dispose of Him and His reign. There is no “larger” or “greater” deity hiding in the shadows of another universe that the Lord must submit to nor does He keep an eye out for invaders who might destroy His kingdom. His kingdom and reign are eternal; there has never been a point where He hasn’t reigned nor will He ever cease to reign.

Christians, we do not face the unknown alone. Hebrews 11:35, “For He Himself has said, ‘ I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Reflect on this text for a moment and consider it’s joyful applications.

You will never be alone in the time of sickness, you will never be forsaken or abandoned in your time of need. When a diagnosis of severe illness is given, when we bury a loved one, when we are filled with tears, the Comforter is there. When you proclaim the Gospel, the Lord is present, when you are sleeping, He has not left you. Eating, drinking, breathing, sleeping, failures, successes, parenting, working, playing, happiness, sadness, and every other moment of our Christian existence is enveloped by the fullness of our Great God. Our Lord does not fear the unknown and He will guide and love us through what we do not know.

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