The Great Commission as a Theological Endeavor

Every carefully crafted sermon has impact on the preacher and the listeners. We all have that list of “top” sermons that the Lord has used to change, convict, and make a lasting impact on us.

Today, on Mission-Minded Monday, I wanted to share a sermon from Paul Washer on the Great Commission.

This sermon, preached at the 2014 Shepherd’s Conference, had a great impact on our understanding of the local church’s role and the Christian’s role in fulfilling the Great Commission and Missions. It is lengthy so it might be best to listen to it in bits and pieces in order to glean the most from it. Before we can “go” as commanded, we need to know how to “go.”

In this sermon, Paul Washer calls attention to what he sees as the “Achilles Heel” of modern missions and that is that everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. Parachurch missions organizations and many churches are abandoning the parameters set out in Scripture for their own strategies and visions instead of Jesus’ strategies and visions for missions work.

Paul Washer’s “The Great Commission as a Theological Endeavor”

You can also find the original media link here at the Grace Church and Shepherd’s Conference media platform as well as hundreds of sermons and seminars from the Shepherd’s Conference.

I pray that the sermon will have as much impact on you and your understanding of missions as it did for us.

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