A Momentary Digression

The end of 2021 is nigh and we say “toodle-loo.”

We will still see the Lord reign faithfully in 2022.

Thank you

The Lord is good and we are grateful for everyone who has been following and consuming the blog’s content. We pray you have been encouraged and have enjoyed it as we continue to build and fine-tune.

Since our launch on Reformation Day, October 31st, the site has had 821 views and 289 unique visitors including many repeat visitors from around the world. There are many fantastic resources out there for Christians to consume on a daily basis but we are humbled and grateful that Theological Digressions has been a part of your day. Thank you.

Life and Ministry Updates

One of the reasons for a lack of posts during Christmas week was because I returned to work on the 20th. Danny and I both have been dealing with an extremely busy holiday season (we work in the same grocery store), but that is something we will be rectifying going forward now that holiday craziness has slowed down.

My body continues to be “normal” overall following my ITP diagnosis. Every test for auto-immune disorders and cancers have all returned “negative.” I’m still dealing with a compromised immune system in order to keep my platelet level stable while by body deals with whatever is causing the issue. The difficult part with this, as one can imagine, is working in a grocery store every day where you come into contact with hundreds of different people every day.

The amazing part of this is the fact that there are many ministry opportunities and ways to showcase the power and grace of God. Mentally it has been extremely difficult but the Lord is tenderly and lovingly helping me through this.

Recently Released Content

We recently launched “Mission-Minded Monday” as well as the Theological Digressions Instagram page.

The intent behind “Mission-Minded Monday” is to bring awareness to all of us about the importance of missions and evangelism frequently. As I have been writing and studying for it, I find myself praying additionally for this particular area. Missions has always been an area of great importance and passion for us and we hope that is evident in our writing.

Future Plans

There are a few things we will be incorporating into the blog this coming year:

  • The Podcast
  • Audio Articles
  • Support

The plan with the podcast is to “formalize,” which I use loosely, the bantering that Danny and I have utilized during our time in Youth Ministry. We are planning to release it in January and our first episode is going to be “A Biblical Philosophy on Youth Ministry.”

We will be creating audio versions of our articles to increase accessibility for everyone.

We plan on launching a Patreon page for the blog in 2022. The page is already built but has not been released yet. The content on Theological Digressions will always be free and Patreon will give an avenue for that to continue. Our pre-requisite goal, before launching the Patreon, is to build consistency, hone our writing and content creating skills, and demonstrate that we are in this for the long haul before we are comfortable with receiving support.

Here Comes 2022

For from him and through him and to him are all things.

To him be glory forever. Amen.

Romans 11:36 ESV 

2022 is coming yet we do not go into the New Year with uncertainty. We are entering into another year of His glorious and gracious reign. Hardships and afflictions come and go, but the Lord remains faithful. Our confidence is in the Lord, the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth. Let us all look forward, with great expectation, to see Him continue to glorify His great name and demonstrate His immeasurable love and grace towards us.

May the grace of Lord Jesus Christ be with each of you, immeasurably.

In His Service,

Titus Varney and Danny Hackett

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