Thankfulness After the Unknown

Yazmin and I celebrated our sixth year wedding anniversary and our son’s fifth birthday yesterday. Our little townhome was the site of a child-wrought tempest as piñatas were shattered, pizza and cake were devoured, and toys littered the countryside. There is nothing like watching several boys have fun with each other while the parents chit-chat and celebrate together. After the cataclysm had dispersed and everyone returned home, I began to reflect and pray.

I look back on these six wonderful years with Yazmin and immense joy fills my heart and thankfulness abounds towards the Lord who brought us together and has kept us together. Yet, there was a point where we weren’t sure if we’d have even five years together, let alone six. The suffering that we have endured together: the pain of loss via miscarriage, the long roads of recovery due to injuries, pregnancy and birth, church changes, the goodbyes to family and friends, child-rearing, and long work-schedules have all strengthened our marriage and relationship. The fear of not making it past five years was when I laid in a hospital bed for two weeks with my life uncertain.

In the Lord, we took refuge and sought His grace and strength. His goodness is undeniable, whether I returned from the hospital or transferred to glory. However, I am thankful that He saw fit to deliver me from my calamity and give to us more time, and another child, together.

My wife is precious to me and I strive to love her as Christ loves His Church. Though that goal is unattainable, I joyfully pursue that command of my Lord. Because of the Lord’s steadfast love, Yazmin and I have been able to weather the fiercest storms with complete assurance of the Lord’s love and grace. Our wedding vows included the tying of a three-fold cord as noted in Ecclesiastes 4:12. Our wedding colors, blue for me and bronze for Yazmin, were tied into a three-fold cord with the white representing the Lord’s role in our marriage. The Lord has been a faithful cord of our tri-fold cord; He has held us together through everything and continues to grow, mature, and sanctify us. It is through Him, by Him, built by Him, built on Him, and for His glory that we persevere through this life together. This three-fold cord will not be broken because of His sustaining love and grace towards us.

The suffering and tribulations we have endured together has brought us together in ways beyond our comprehension. We have seen the Lord act on our behalf and for this I am eternally grateful and pray for many more years with my dearest wife in a Christ-centered, God-glorifying marriage. To the Lord belongs the praise, thankfulness, and glory in all that He done. I have included a hymn called, “My Heart is Filled with Thankfulness.” I pray that it would be encouraging to you as it has been to me.

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