A Stone in the Shoe

The power of an illustration is its relatability with the intended audience. Illustrations about vineyards and wine will not resonate with people who have no understanding of either topic. When a preacher or teacher is adapting illustrations, they must be understood to have any impact. The following illustration is from Charles Spurgeon and the beautyContinue reading “A Stone in the Shoe”

Theological Aggregation–Week of November 8th

Every week, Theological Aggregation will bring content from around the internet for your consideration. The content will include, but not be limited to, impactful blog posts, new books, intriguing videos, sermon links, podcasts, music, and news. Justin Bass writes for The Gospel Coalition (TGC): “Indeed, this would not have been the first time Luke hadContinue reading “Theological Aggregation–Week of November 8th”

Limitless Access, Infinite Responsibility

Imagine you sit down to write a book. The year is “any year” before the internet, simple typing tools like Microsoft Word, and widespread adoption of personal computation devices. You sit down to write your book, you have ink in your pen, a nice beverage, and now you can begin the arduous task of researching.Continue reading “Limitless Access, Infinite Responsibility”

Theocratic Anointing

The Holy Spirit is often overshadowed in the minds of people by the grand displays of deity like the numerous theophanies and Christophanies of the Old Testament and the arrival of Jesus, the perfect manifestation of God, in the New Testament.  The reality is that the Holy Spirit is fully deity and his presence orContinue reading “Theocratic Anointing”

Pillars of the Early Church

The roles and interactions between Peter, James, and Paul. The Lord God Almighty utilizes imperfect and broken vessels to bring about his divine and perfect purposes. MacArthur expands, “God uses various means to bring blessing, strengthen faith, and cultivate spiritual growth in the lives of his people.” [1] The Sovereign Lord of the universe hasContinue reading “Pillars of the Early Church”

Theological Aggregation–Inaugural Week

Welcome to the first week of Theological Aggregation. May the grace and mercy of Almighty God and of Jesus Christ be with you this week. What is an aggregation? An aggregation on the internet specifically is the collection of related items of content so that they can be displayed or linked to. In other words,Continue reading “Theological Aggregation–Inaugural Week”

An Inauguration of Theological Digressions

Welcome to the inaugural post of Theological Digressions!  The project itself is multiple years of desire in the making and about a year of attempting to realize it.  If this is the first post that you have seen from Theological Digressions, we humbly and excitedly welcome you as we embark on this project and hopeContinue reading “An Inauguration of Theological Digressions”