The Supremacy of God in Missions

One of my textbooks for my final Master’s class is “Let the Nations be Glad” by John Piper. The book is a delight to navigate, and because I’ve heard him preach and teach many times, I can “hear” the whole thing in Piper’s voice. Throughout the book, Piper references many anecdotes and stories about God’sContinue reading “The Supremacy of God in Missions”

Preparing for the Unknown

I enjoy investing. Whether my 401k, stock market investments, the fascination with cryptocurrency, and the potential of startups. After discovering my risk tolerance, the research required to make educated guesses with a potential for some sort of future return is relaxing. Investment gurus and experts worldwide are talking about the future volatility and uncertainty ofContinue reading “Preparing for the Unknown”

A Brief Overview of Missions in the Old Testament

Missions in the Old Testament, while intrinsically containing the same goal as missions in the New Testament, were different in critical areas.  God intended to bless the nations through the Abrahamic covenant according to Genesis 12:3 which reads, “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and inContinue reading “A Brief Overview of Missions in the Old Testament”

A Momentary Digression

The end of 2021 is nigh and we say “toodle-loo.” We will still see the Lord reign faithfully in 2022. Thank you The Lord is good and we are grateful for everyone who has been following and consuming the blog’s content. We pray you have been encouraged and have enjoyed it as we continue toContinue reading “A Momentary Digression”

Where Can I Worship the Lord?

The Issue of Worship Location An exposition of John 4. Christian Worship Still Happens on Lockdown With the arrival of COVID-19 and worldwide lockdown orders, every single religion on the planet has faced restrictions and issues.  The adherents of these religions have been unable to follow through on the sacred ordinances of their “faiths.”  MuslimsContinue reading “Where Can I Worship the Lord?”

Theological Aggregation: 2022 Reading Challenge

Every year, Tim Challies compiles a Christian Reading Challenge for the upcoming year and 2022 will be no different. Yesterday, on his blog, he posted the list for the 2022 Christian Reading Challenge and you can find the fullness of the details for the challenge there including cool graphics and charts. Additionally, you can alwaysContinue reading “Theological Aggregation: 2022 Reading Challenge”

The Great Commission as a Theological Endeavor

Every carefully crafted sermon has impact on the preacher and the listeners. We all have that list of “top” sermons that the Lord has used to change, convict, and make a lasting impact on us. Today, on Mission-Minded Monday, I wanted to share a sermon from Paul Washer on the Great Commission. This sermon, preachedContinue reading “The Great Commission as a Theological Endeavor”

Restoring the Awe and Wonder of Pentecost

The Word of God is a gift, given and preserved by our Lord, inspired by the Holy Spirit, through the writings of faithful men, and faithfully translated over the centuries with fantastic accuracy. The truths within though, fall prey to our fleshly desires and one frequent result is the loss of awe and wonder. EveryContinue reading “Restoring the Awe and Wonder of Pentecost”